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Moberg Electric, Inc. has phase converters available for your needs. We also can repair most phase converters. There are many different styles and models to choose from. The three most common are rotary converters, static converters and frequency drives. Contact our trained technicians to discuss which unit is the best choice for your application.

Rotary Phase Converters

The most common type of converter is the rotary phase converter. Not all rotary phase converters are the same. Many just convert single-phase power into unbalanced three-phase power. The best rotary phase converter will actually generate true balance three-phase power. This type is the most preferred model.

Static Phase Converters

This is the next most common type of phase converter. These can only be used on three phase motor loads. These units only generate a third leg of power during start up. They then turn off, leaving motors to run on two out of three of their windings. This can damage some types of three-phase motor loads by overheating the motor and burning it out when it is put under its full load.

Brands of Phase Converters

• Arco • American Rotary

Frequency Drives

A variable frequency drive is a unit that controls an electric motor by adjusting the frequency and voltage supplied to the motor. It can also be used as a phase converter. This provides a softer start to the motor. It varies the speed of the motor based on demand. This makes the operating unit more energy efficient. Therefore, this can be a savings of power consumption to the consumer.

Brands of Frequency Drives

• ABB • Cerus • Worldwide

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